Narrative paintings

Do you have a keen interest in narrative paintings? Here at the Harry Holland website, we showcase the work that the artist Harry Holland has created himself. Harry’s work is often distinctive and immediately recognised due to his use of formal and technical aspects in his paintings, making way for him to be regarded as one of Britain’s best artists.


Harry Holland was born in 1941 in Glasgow, where he spent a large portion of his younger life in various parts of the UK. He then settled in London in 1949 before finally moving to Cardiff where he is still based, and paints today. Harry first started painting in 1965, where he attended St. Martin’s School of Art up until 1969. Since his first successful exhibition in 1969, he has been running his very own showcase year in, year out, all over the world. A few notable locations include the Tate Gallery, British Museum, National Portrait Gallery in Canada and many more.


Harry has his very own style that goes unmatched by other artists. Just a few styles include portraits, sketches, still life and nude art. Holland is best known for his narrative paintings, where they often imply situations, events or relationships, but are not directly expressed, formulating a sense of mystery which engages his audience.


If you are looking to purchase some narrative paintings, don’t look elsewhere. You can email to get in touch about purchasing some items from our collection. Alternatively, you can visit our website to access our store where we sell limited edition paintings. If you have any further enquiries, provide your contact details on our contact page, and we will get back to you within 24-hours.

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